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Improve your workplace
Despite the fact that we are bombarded today with health messages, it’s easier to fall into those old bad habits and the number of Australians considered over-weight or obese continues to escalate. The spread of labour-saving devices like computers means we spend more and more time sitting at our desks, while the demands of busy lives leave us less and less time to ensure we maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Medibank Private study found that poor employee health and absenteeism is costing Australian businesses $7 billion annually.*

Promoting healthy food choices in your workplace can help to decrease absenteeism and improve productivity, health and morale. If there’s one thing we can say our clients have in common, it’s a commitment to a healthy and highly motivated workplace.
(*Based from Medibank Private study, November 2005)

Just $68 per employee per year!

Did you know that you could invest in your most important asses, your human capital, from as little as $68 per annum. Now that sounds like a smart investment.

Fresh Boost can help you:

  • Reduce sick leave & staff turnover
  • More energetic & alert employees
  • Improved moral & productivity
  • Improve loyalty, commitment and company image

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